The Holy Land Experience with Robert & Donna Schuller
January 3–13, 2013

Dear Friends,

Rober and Donna I have been to Israel many times and have enjoyed the honor of leading more than 3,000 people to this beautiful country.

I strongly believe a visit to Israel should be on everyone’s “bucket list” because it is by far the most amazing country in the world. It is unique, exciting, breathtaking, and the birthplace of our faith.

I am overwhelmed with emotion each time I walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Standing on some of the very stones which Jesus walked 2000 years ago is something I just can’t explain — to fully understand, you need to do it!

Going to Israel as a group is a wonderful experience! Experience the joy of singing carols in the grotto where Christ was born, participate in a special Lord’s Supper, hear the scriptures read in many of the sites you have read about (Sea of Galilee, the Upper Room, etc.), take part in an archeological dig working with the debris of the Temple Mount, have an opportunity to be baptized in the Jordan River, and so much more!

I want you to join us on this amazing journey of your faith! We know where to go and how to create an experience that will make this the best trip of your life!! As we travel together through this fascinating adventure, Donna and I will be teaching and speaking about the history and culture of our Judeo-Christian heritage as you see, feel ,and hear the scriptures come alive.

On February 19, 2012, the Minister of Tourism for the state of Israel, Stas Misezhikov, honored me with their Faithful Ambassador Award, saying, “With appreciation and gratitude for your longstanding dedication to building bridges of fellowship linking the American Christian Community and the State of Israel.”

Sign up today! The sooner you decide to visit the birthplace of your faith, the longer you will cherish the memories, emotions, and knowledge you gain from this life-changing experience.

I look forward to meeting and traveling with each of you.

God is blessing you,

Robert A. and Donna Schuller

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