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Season 7, Episode 1
Biblical Israel
Season 6, Episode 2
Belize part two
Season 6, Episode 1
Belize part one
Season 5, Episode 15
Season 5, Episode 15
Season 5, Episode 11
Season 5, Episode 11
Jordan part 2
Season 5, Episode 10
Season 5, Episode 10
Jordan part 1
Season 5, Episode 9
Season 5, Episode 9
Season 5, Episode 4
Season 5, Episode 4
Jordan part two.
Welcome to
Travel With Spirit®
Cultural Revelation:
Discovering people and cultures are NOT the perceived stereotypes we may have expected.
Worldview Redefined:
Realizing our ideas, attitudes and beliefs ARE limited by our lack of connection to the peoples of the world.
Character Reformation:
Becoming changed by understanding how the rest of the world is REALLY living.
Spiritual Significance:
Bringing our faith alive by walking in the footsteps of inspirational historical figures.
Now on American Family Channel, Sky Angel Network – Angel Two, LegacyTV and CatholicTV.
Israel Ministry of Tourism
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